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  • Vibration analysis helps predict mechanical problems that currently exist in your equipment and can help prevent a catastrophic failure.

  • Polarization index testing provides a detailed report of the integrity of electric motor insulation without damaging the motor.

  • Lubricating rotating equipment at factory-recommended intervals with the proper grease will enable you to get optimum life out of your rotating equipment.

  • High speed on-site balancing helps minimize vibration and prevents any adverse effect, specifically with any repaired equipment.

Our predictive maintenance services include vibration analysis, polarization index testing, lubrication of rotating equipment, and generator PM service.

Discover How Our On-Site Services Can Help You

Electronic Drives and Controls Services

Universal field service technicians installed two new premium booster pump systems with variable frequency drives. Normally, such a job would require an interruption of service for an entire day. However, our in-house engineer was able to reduce the downtime to a half-hour, thanks to a clever workaround that was used to keep the pumps running while the new controls were being installed.

Enjoy 24/7 On-Site Repair Services

You can't always bring your machines to us, which is why Universal Electric Motor Service provides on-site services for top-notch repairs. Call our factory-trained technicians for help with everything, from predictive maintenance to electrical contracting.

Corrective Services and Controls


  • Dynamic balancing will help your fans and blowers run smoothly and efficiently while limiting premature wear on all mechanical parts.

  • Laser alignment allows pumps and motors to run at their optimum level for years of reliable service.

  • VFDs can be tested and corrected for potentially-damaging low voltage discharges that can cause permanent bearing failure.

  • Control boards can be replaced or repaired with diagnostic evaluation down to board level.

Facility Maintenance

Rigging, Removal, and Installation

You can expect the following from our corrective services:

A historical New York City landmark was in a bind when a powerful storm knocked out their power. Their main chiller system was down and working on back-ups.  Our engineering staff worked round the clock to help get them back up in a timely fashion.  We rushed to expedite and modify new contactors, built new bus-bars and retrofit everything in the original panel get them back up and running.



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Universal Electric recently showed its resilience and the ability to service our customers by performing a same day shutdown to replace an antiquated duplex booster pump system.  Technicians arrived bright and early pre-planned with our customer at a local university  to remove an old style and replace with new modern state of the art duplex booster pump system operated with built in pressure transducers and VFD’s to operate the pump system saving the customer money on their electrical costs.  Factory trained technicians installed the booster pump system utilizing all new copper propress fittings to help with expediting the install and had unit up and running by middle of afternoon on automatic, maintaining the pressure in the building as designed.  This was a first time job for this particular customer who had concerns to do this during the time when students were still in the building but due to the continued issues with system constantly running it was determined based on conversation with Universal employees that there was nothing to worry about and in the end the customer was very happy with the final product.  This goes to show the continued training and support Universal Electric strives to do to keep up with the ongoing change and upgrades in today’s electro-mechanical field and the ongoing training our technicians and staff receive as well.

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Universal Electric

Universal offers a wide range of on-site services—our technicians go to your location and perform rigging, removal, and installation of electromechanical equipment. Be it a temporary system or a permanent one, we can install it. Even if your equipment is old or heavily damaged, we can work with it. If your equipment is no longer serviceable, we can assist you with providing and installing the appropriate replacement. We will also perform diagnostic testing following our completion of work, to guarantee that our work is done proper and your top standards.

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